Thursday, September 28, 2006

latest news

Last month, we were asked by Jean (a co-worker to some of us) to make 2 caps for her best friend, Margie, who is undergoing treatment. we were happy to do so. in way of thanks, Margie and Jean just gifted us with a very generous supply of soft yarn to make more caps for others. We've got plenty to make more caps, so please ask at Knit Night if you would like some of it. Thank you so much, Margie & Jean!

While surfing knit blogs, we came across another great charity knitting group, Made By Hand. They are also making chemo caps this year, and we hope they get a lot of caps! They have a nice list of links to free cap patterns on the web, so stop by if you need a pattern or just to get inspired.

Finally, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Making a chemo cap for someone is a very good way to contribute and get involved. If that's not possible, why not be passionately pink? Passionately Pink for the Cure™ kicks off at the start of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Participants can pick any day in October, make a $5 or more personal contribution to the Komen Foundation and wear pink to share the promise of finding a cure. For more info, visit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation website at:


fitknit said...

Hi there,
I live on the Gold Coast... in Australia! I also knit chemo caps and belong to a charity knitting group and wanted to wish you well!

Jenny said...

I'm wanting to join a knitting group and although I would like in future to knit for charity, at present I am knitting for my expected grandchild! I need a group to help me with more difficult things as I am only knitting very simple items at present. Also I really would love the company of a group of ladies. Would I qualify to join your charity knitting group?

skully said...

Of course, Jenny! I'm sorry I have no way to contact you about it rather than leave a message here and hope you read it. Visit to see more about our knitting group!